Active Directory Security Fundamentals

A lot of (targeted) ransomware attacks have been leveraging through Active Directory and it has made the headlines.

Most organizations are struggling to secure their AD, because it is complex. It requires a lot of effort, and not everybody has the right people to do it.

What we have learnt from most ransomware attacks is, that attackers are likely going after AD, because it forms the backbone of identities for most organizations.

Since it can be very expensive to hire a consultant. I have decided to release a guidance that walks you through the different steps you need to look at.

This is not necessary a ”checklist”, but something that is a bit more actionable. It tells you to look at the different (critical) components in AD, and how you can secure those components on a much better way. If you are working as an auditor. This document might be useful for you.

Besides of that, it pays attention to making backups as well. We all have learnt from Maersk that offline backups are very crucial, but despite that organizations are making backups. It seems that it isn’t always going smoothly, because most of them aren’t prepared when the ”day” will come, when they get hit with a ransomware attack.

Last, but not least. It covers different other stuff as well, that can be valuable.

You can download the attachment here:

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